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SystemTools 'ToolNews' - October 17, 2012 - Hyena v9.2 is Coming Soon

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.Hyena v9.2 - Coming Soon

A beta version of Hyena v9.2 is now being made available. The primary feature in the next release of Hyena will be customizable Active Directory group member queries. Group member listings can now include any directory attribute applicable to any group member. Combined with Hyena's capability to display members of multiple groups, Exchange dynamic groups, and nested (indirect) group members, it will now be possible to generate a comprehensive display of all groups and members, along with detailed member information.

Beta information, including download locations for Hyena v9.2 is available at .

Important Notes:

  • The beta version is only available in English (x86 or x64)
  • The maintenance date must be after November 1, 2012. License expiration dates can be checked under Tools > Settings > Licensing.

Hyena v9.2 is scheduled to be released in early November. It is anticipated that the maintenance release date will be sometime in November. There is still time to renew your current license maintenance this month if your current maintenance expires after May 15.

.Other News

Hyena v9.0 rev 'D'

The current revision level of Hyena v9.0 is now rev 'D'. Check under Help > About to verify the exact version you are using. We recommend that anyone using the original v9.0 release upgrade to rev 'D'.

To receive a free update to Hyena v9.0, your maintenance expiration date must be after May 15, 2012. See the 'Hyena Maintenance' topic below for information on updating and how to check the maintenance expiration date.

Anyone who purchased a Hyena v8.8 license is eligible for a free upgrade to v9.0.

Hyena v9.0 can be downloaded from x86 and x64 downloads are available in English, French, German, and Spanish.

Below is a list of the release notes:

Rev 'B'

Fixed problem with clearing event logs when a backup file was not specified.
Fixed problem with importing qstation.dat files (file not being found, importing wrong object type).
Corrected the problem whereby home directory and Exchange templates would not be listed when stored in a shared settings file.

 Rev 'C'

Modified Windows NT domain icon and name in Object Manager.
Modified name of Windows Active Directory domains in Object Manager.
Stopped annoying flicker and slow performance when displaying WMI queries with lots of data (ie services) and added support for 64-bit numbers to fix sorting.
Added new advanced setting, for controlling the width of the user 'preview' window.  For more information, see UserPreviewWindowWidth under ;Advanced Settings; in Hyena's help file.

 Rev 'D'

Updated Hyena and the associated Exchange 2010 Powershell interface to use a Powershell command to update the "Hide from Exchange Address Lists" setting on the Exchange properties dialog instead of directly manipulating AD attributes. 

Fixed problem where mixed-case directory names that are manually (custom option) added to a directory query will not maintain the column width in the right window.

Hyena Review

We found a recent review of Hyena by


How to Query BitLocker Information

With security concerns steadily rising, we've seen an increase in organizations using BitLocker Drive Encryption. BitLocker can store critical recovery information in Active Directory giving administrators the ability to recover locked drives when necessary. In our ongoing efforts to make Hyena the only application you need to manage your AD network, we've put together some instructions to enable you to view BitLocker recovery information such as RecoveryPassword, RecoveryGUID, KeyPackage, etc. Visit our Hyena Usage Tips page for these instructions:

For more information on BitLocker in general, visit:

For more information on BitLocker and AD, visit:

The Remote Registry Service

Now that Windows 7 and Server 2008 have moved into the mainstream, we've had an increase in support requests due to errors retrieving data that requires the registry service, which is stopped by default when you install Windows 7 or Server 2008. The solution is to simply set the Startup Type for the Remote Registry service to Automatic, and then start the service on the computers you are viewing information on.

If you have many computers needing this change, and want to save some time, you have the option of either creating a GPO for your domain to keep the service started on your computers, or you can use one of Hyena's powerful multi-computer functions. For this second option you will select the computers you want to modify in Hyena's right-hand window, then right-click and choose More Functions > Service Control. Enter the name of the service, in this case 'RemoteRegistry', enter an optional log file name to see successes and failures, choose Start Service and click OK. This function will attempt to start the Remote Registry service on all of the selected computers.

The next step would be to set the Startup Type to Automatic so the service starts again after each computer reboot. You will again select your computers in the right-hand window, then right-click and choose More Functions > Service Startup. Enter the service name of 'RemoteRegistry', the optional log file name, and 'Automatic' for Startup Type. Click OK and this change will be initiated on the selected computers.


.Hyena Maintenance

All Hyena licenses have a built-in maintenance expiration date, which can be displayed under the Tools > Settings > Licensing dialog. The maintenance expiration date determines whether new releases can be installed with the active license. If your maintenance has recently expired or about to expire, it can be renewed now. For maintenance information and renewal options, visit:

If you prefer to get an email quotation on maintenance renewal, send your current license information to and request a maintenance renewal quote. You can easily get the current license information under Hyena's Tools > Settings > Licensing dialog.

If your maintenance expiration date is before May 15, 2012, the upgrade cost is only 50% of the licensing cost, which includes one year of maintenance.
Maintenance expirations on or after May 15, 2012 can be renewed now.


SystemTools' Discussion Board

Our online discussion board, with thousands of postings, is a great online resource for all Hyena users. Our discussion board can be both a source for solutions to frequently encountered problems, but also a place to learn how others use many of Hyena's features. To access our discussion board, visit:

There is also a link on Hyena's Help menu (Help > Online Discussion Board) to go directly to our discussion board.

Help Us Keep You Informed

Help us keep you and other users in your organization informed of updates and releases of SystemTools products.

Any Hyena user can register for this newsletter (ToolNews) by selecting "Newsletter Signup" on Hyena's Help menu. You can also go directly to our
ToolNews registration page as well. We could also use the help of our existing customers by passing along this newsletter to other SystemTools users within your company.

We use an automated service to handle sending this newsletter, including subscribing and unsubscribing. All new subscriptions require confirmation, and we will never share our newsletter email list with anyone.

Help Us Spread the Word !

For over 15 years Hyena has helped tens of thousands of IT managers, administrators, help desk personnel, and auditors simplify the management and reporting of Windows. We have found over and over that the number one source of newcomers to our products has come from word-of-mouth of other happy users. The entire SystemTools Software family and community would very much appreciate it if you would mention Hyena to friends and associates that you feel could use it to simplify their jobs as well.

As our user base has grown, the amount and quality of feature recommendations has grown as well, making for an even better product for existing and future users. Simply put, the more we grow the exposure of SystemTools Software products, the more return you get from your investment.

Thank you for your help in keeping Hyena improving and growing !


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