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HyenaHyena v11.5 Pre-Release Available

Hyena v11.5 is tentatively scheduled to be released May 1, 2015. Due to the extent of some of the changes, we have put together a pre-release version of Hyena v11.5, as well as a list of changes, available here:

Note that this pre-release is only available in English. To install Hyena v11.5, the license maintenance expiration date must be after May 1, 2015. The license maintenance expiration date can be checked on Tools > Settings > Licensing.

A summary of the changes in Hyena v11.5 include:

AD Mgmt FunctionsNew AD Management Functions

Hyena's support for Active Directory attribute administration, both individually and through both the Active Editor and Active Task components has been improved with new advanced features. The changes include new support for importing and updating Distinguished Name (DN) fields (such as 'Manager') without needing to specify a full DN value.

Query SetupImproved Object Manager and Query Setup

One of the biggest changes to come to Hyena for some time is the change in the familiar File > Manage Object View menu option. All of the configuration controls in Hyena have been moved into separate dialogs, in order to facilitate resizing as well as upcoming new features. Changes include:

Object Manager - The Object Manager can still be accessed by selecting File > Manage Object View, or through the first toolbar button. The object manager now supports resizing as well.

Active Directory Queries - Management of AD queries has been moved to its own, resizable dialog as well. A new toolbar button (2nd from left) has also been added, as well as a menu option, File > Manage Active Directory Queries.

WMI - Administration of WMI queries has been moved to a menu option on both the main WMI node under any computer, or by right clicking on any WMI query class name. Also added were options to copy an existing WMI query and an option to sort WMI classes either automatically (alphabetically) or manually.

Performance - Management of performance queries can now be accessed by right clicking on the main 'Performance' object on any computer.

Other - The AD Custom Fields has been moved to Tools > Settings > Active Directory > "Custom Fields", and the Nodes dialog has been moved to a button on the Object Manager page.

Other Changes

Other changes in Hyena v11.5 include:

  • Eight (8) new advanced settings
  • Improved 'View Logon Information' dialog
  • Support for Access-Based Enumeration on Share Properties
  • ...and more...

For a complete list of changes in Hyena v11.5, see the Hyena v11.5 Pre-Release page.

Hyena v11.2 Updated to rev 'F'

Hyena v11.2 has been updated to rev 'F' and is now available for downloading.

A full revision history of all Hyena v11.2 updates follows.

  • Rev 'B' - Increased the maximum length of the service description to 2048 characters to prevent an error when displaying service properties on non-English Windows versions.

  • Rev 'B' - Added the capability to include the user account flag symbols (ie %SYM_AD_FLAGS_DISABLED%) to group member queries.

  • Rev 'C' - Added error reporting and checking to the Group Policy > Properties dialog.

  • Rev 'C' - When running Hyena with the "Expand current domain on startup" option enabled, Hyena will now check both the Netbios and DNS current domain name against the domain object list.

  • Rev 'C' - Added capability to place Active Directory attribute names as symbols (ie %UserPrincipalName%) into custom tools or Tools > Generate Macro output.  See the 'Custom Tools' topic in Hyena's help file for more information.

  • Rev 'D' - Added new Advanced setting (Tools > Settings > Advanced), "KeepAdContainersTogetherOnSort". The default value for this setting is 'True', which causes any Active Directory query listing that contains directory container/OU objects to place these objects at the top/bottom of any sort.  Essentially, AD containers will always be kept together when sorting, similar to sorting a file directory listing with both files and folders.  Changing this value to 'False' will result in the AD containers to be treated the same when sorting as individual objects.  Previous versions of Hyena always forced the 'True' behavior, so now with this setting, it can be changed back to 'False'.

  • Rev 'D' - Corrected a problem with the Microsoft "Find" dialog that resulted in directory paths without servers to be returned, resulting in errors when listing directory security and other problems due to the missing server address.

  • Rev 'E' - Corrected problem in Active Task that could cause some existing security settings in the UserAccountControl attribute to be changed when being updating with additional or alternate values.

  • Rev 'E' - Corrected problem with being unable to ping computers from an Active Directory group member query.

  • Rev 'E' - Added new Advanced settings (Tools > Settings > Advanced), "WmiMaxConnectTimeoutEnabled". See the 'Advanced Settings' topic in Hyena's help file (WmiMaxConnectTimeoutEnabled) for more information.

  • Rev 'E' - Added new Advanced settings (Tools > Settings > Advanced), "AutoUpdateMailAttribute", to provide compatibility with the EMC when updating proxy email addresses. See the 'Advanced Settings' topic in Hyena's help file (AutoUpdateMailAttribute) for more information.

  • Rev 'F' - Changed the behavior of the "View NTFS Permissions" function when executed from the right window on shared objects to use the share path, ie \\server\share_name, as a starting base path, instead of starting at the root of the drive and using the administrative share, ie \\server\c$\shared_dir.  This change will allow use of the permissions function on NetApp and similar file servers that do not support access through an administrative share or where no such administrative share exists.

  • Rev 'G' - Fixed a problem with viewing group members when alternate credentials were being used that caused the alternate credentials to be ignored, resulting in access denied errors.

All of these changes are also incorporated into Hyena v11.5 as well.


Changing Group Member Views

One frequent inquiry we get on support requests is how to change the columns / fields for group member listings. Hyena v9.2 first introduced customizable group member views, which can be configured through several context menus, but the direct method is to select File > Manage Object View > AD Queries, and change the Query Type to 'Group Members'. Then, just customize the query attribute listing like any other AD query. Since Hyena is having to query both members and the parent group, the group attributes are added using symbols by changing the Attribute Category to 'Special AD Symbols'.

Counting Group Members

We occasionally get asked about how to get a count of the members of a group. While AD lacks any type of 'group count' field, a little creative use of Hyena's 'Group Member Matrix' view and Microsoft Excel can give you the count of the members of a group, both direct and even indirect (ie from nested groups).

Note: The Group Member Matrix function was added in Hyena v10.5 and is not available in earlier releases.

1. The Group Member Matrix view (Matrix) can be accessed by right clicking on any group and selecting View Group Members > View Group Member Matrix. To view the members of more than one group, select multiple groups from Hyena's right window.

2. Only groups that are selected will be shown in the matrix view. Since groups are used as the source of the view, only members (users and other groups) that are members of the selected groups will be in the resulting display.

3. In the Group Member Matrix Options screen, select 'Modify...' to customize the column display for the group members. Then change the Membership Indicator for Direct Members to be a '1'. Non-members can be left blank. Select OK to generate the Group Member Matrix list.

4. Select the lines in the resulting list to be exported to Excel (Ctrl-A will select all lines).

5. Select Tools > Export to Microsoft Excel to export and open your list in Microsoft Excel.

6. In your Excel worksheet, to count the number of members in an AD group, select the cell where you want the total to appear. Then click the 'AutoSum' button in the Excel Toolbar.

7. Look at the Excel formula bar. Excel will have guessed at the range of cells you want to total. If the guess is correct, press Enter. If the guess is incorrect, select the range of cells you want to use and then press Enter.

What these steps do is just add the '1' used to represent a member, thereby creating a count of the group's members.

.Hyena Maintenance

All Hyena licenses have a built-in maintenance expiration date, which can be displayed under the Tools > Settings > Licensing dialog. The maintenance expiration date determines whether new releases can be installed with the active license. If your maintenance has recently expired or is about to expire, it can be renewed now. For maintenance information and renewal options, visit:

If you prefer to get an email quotation on maintenance renewal, send your current license information to and request a maintenance renewal quote. You can easily get the current license information under Hyena's Tools > Settings > Licensing dialog.


SystemTools' discussion board

Our online discussion board, with thousands of postings, is a great online resource for all Hyena users. Our discussion board can be both a source for solutions to frequently encountered problems and a place to learn how others use many of Hyena's features. To access our discussion board, visit:

There is also a link on Hyena's Help menu (Help > Online Discussion Board) to go directly to our discussion board.

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